Lymphatic Drainage Massage London

Lymphatic drainage massage is a type of massage that helps stimulate lymph flow and boost the immune system. The massage therapist uses gentle, rhythmic pressure and strokes to encourage lymph fluid to move through the lymph vessels and nodes.

Lymphatic drainage can help reduce swelling, improve circulation, and eliminate toxins from the body. It can also benefit those with lymphedema, a condition where lymph nodes become blocked and cause swelling. Lymphatic drainage massage can be used as a preventative measure for overall health or as part of healing and recovery from surgery, injury, or illness.

Combining lymphatic drainage massage with other healthy lifestyle choices, such as exercise and a balanced diet, is often recommended for optimal results.

Our lymphatic drainage massage service helps improve lymph flow and drain toxins in the body. Our trained massage therapists can aid in detoxification and improve overall well-being by targeting specific areas and using gentle, rhythmic pressure. Please book an appointment with us today to experience the benefits of lymphatic drainage massage for yourself.

Benefits of Lymphatic drainage massage

Lymphatic drainage massage helps improve lymphatic circulation, boosts the immune system, and helps detoxify the body.

This message can also reduce inflammation and assist with lymph edema, a condition characterised by swelling due to lymph fluid buildup.

Lymphatic drainage massage can also improve overall skin tone and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage can also aid post-surgery recovery by reducing swelling and promoting healing.

Overall, lymphatic drainage massage can lead to improved physical health and a boost in overall well-being.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Lymph is a fluid-like substance in the body. The lymphatic system’s main task is to flush out waste and toxins from your internal tissues. Getting a lymphatic drainage massage can ensure that the fluid is moving well. Lymphatic drainage massages are usually performed when lymph nodes get blocked.

We offer three massage packages. A 60-minute Jazz is £70, a 90-minute Vintage massage is £90 and a 120-minute Mighty dose is £120 between 8am-11pm.

From 11pm until 8am, a 60-minute Thai massage will cost you £100, a 90-minute massage will cost £120 and a 120-minute massage will cost £150.

Lymphatic drainage massage can help reduce symptoms of lymphedema. It is a condition that arises when lymph nodes get blocked and ultimately results in swelling. Keeping the lymphatic system healthy would ensure that your fluid levels in the body are in the right proportions and this will help you to protect your body from viruses and bacteria.

Our trained massage therapists can help you with detoxification and improve overall well-being. This is done by applying gentle, rhythmic pressure on the targeted areas.

For the most part, a lymphatic drainage massage is considered safe. And if you are suffering from lymphoedema, a lymphatic massage performed on a regular basis can relieve the symptoms. However, this massage is not recommended for those whoare suffering from acute inflammation, malignant tumors, blood clots, heart diseases, kidney failure or any type of an infection.

As mentioned earlier, lymphatic drainage massages are great for those who have lymphedema. Because the massage can help with releasing the blocked fluids and minimise swelling. Also in the lymph nodes and thus a lymphatic massage can help those who are trying to recover from such conditions.

If you are struggling with bloating resby an injury or due to a swelling in the joints, lymphatic drainage massage can help improve fluid drainage in the affected areas. Lymphatic drainage massage is also considered good for breast cancer patients.

The common effects of this massage include relaxation, enhanced immune system and boosted energy. It also increase thirst and reduced swelling and bloating. If you’ve recently suffered from a virus, you might experience flu-like symptoms after the massage as lymph works hard to remove it from the body.

Some may even have negative reactions to the massage and may complain of headaches, fatigue and nausea. If that happens, consult a doctor to get help to manage those symptoms.

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