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Meet Our Female Therapists

All our therapists are experienced, thoroughly vetted and skilled in multiple techniques of traditional and modern massages. Please click on their profiles to choose the most suitable therapist for you. Telegram us with the therapist’s name and we will make the booking for you along with their availability. A great touch is guaranteed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing a good female massage therapist can seem like a daunting task. Yet, thanks to Google and Trustpilot, you can get all the necessary details to choose a good therapist. In case the therapist is working for an agency, you could inquire the agency about her work.

Female massage therapists have a better understanding of women’s bodies. Especially when clients need gentle touch and good companionship to relieve everyday stress. They excel at making their clients comfortable and relaxed during the massage session. Purple Mighty have a diverse group of therapists who provide all types of massages. Such as Lymphatic Drainage, Pregnancy Massage, and Thai Massage.

Purple Mighty’s female therapists have Level 3 qualifications. They are well-experienced in the field of massage therapy. Most of our therapists have qualified diplomas from accredited institutions. They have also had certain number of hours of training or continuing education.

The most important reason to choose a therapist is to make you comfortable and relaxed. It is suitable to choose a male therapist for deep tissue massage. They generally put a lot of extra pressure relative to a female therapist. It is best to inquire about the therapist’s skills and massage types before booking a massage. Purple Mighty will always be available to help you find the best therapist of your choice.

It is not mandatory to leave a tip for the therapist. It depends on how satisfied you are after receiving the massage. You can reward the therapist according to your personal preference. If you are uncertain about the appropriate amount, you can always ask the therapist. They will guide you and appreciate your consideration.

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