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Swedish Massage – Relaxing massage – Deep tissue massage – Purple Mighty Massage

About me:

Discover the art of relaxation with Massage Therapist Delilah, bringing three years of expertise to create full-body, refreshing, and relaxing massage sessions. Delilah is specialising in full-body, refreshing, and relaxing massage sessions. With a focus on client needs and a commitment to providing a calm and comfortable experience, she approach therapies with a slow, calming, and charming touch.

As a person, Delilah radiate positive energies, which she shares with her clients through gentle touches. With a deep interest in human anatomy and spiritual healing, she prioritises quality over quantity, ensuring that comfort and pleasure take centre stage during each session. Experience the soothing touch of Delilah for a truly revitalising and serene massage experience.

Training, qualifications & experience:

3 years experience as a massage therapist

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