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Reflexology is a form of massage that uses pressure to stimulate the body’s nerve endings. These nerve endings are called reflexes, sending signals to the brain about what is happening in the body.

Reflexology increases blood circulation and works with the body’s meridians by bringing balance to the body. Gentle stretching of the head and neck muscles is an excellent way to release the reflex points.

A reflexologist will massage your feet, hands, and face when creating a treatment plan for your condition, as well as other factors such as age, lifestyle habits, etc. It will help you determine what treatment would benefit you best.

Benefits of Reflexology Massage

Reducing headaches

By targeting specific pressure points that correspond to the head and neck.


Reflexology can increase calmness throughout both your mind and body.

Increased blood circulation

A reflexology massage increases blood circulation dramatically. It ensures that oxygen is circulating efficiently.

Eliminating toxins

Oxygen circulation is improved, causing your body to naturally expel more toxins for a more explicit system.

Better Sleep

by reducing stress and tension, which can interfere with sleep quality.

Boosting energy

Reflexology improves organ functionality within the body, releasing energy in higher quantities and reducing symptoms of sluggishness. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Reflexology massage applies pressure to certain points on the hands, feet, or ears. It stimulates different parts of the body. These reflex points link to different organs and systems within the body.

This massage promotes relaxation and reduce tension in different areas of the body.

Anyone with stress, anxiety, headaches, or digestive issues can enjoy reflexology massage. Additionally, it can assist individuals with plantar fasciitis or carpal tunnel syndrome.

It is best to wear loose-fitting clothes. For foot reflexology, remove shoes and socks but keep other clothes on. For hand or ear reflexology, clothes can stay on.

  • Consume a lot of water to flush any toxins out that may have been released during the massage.
  • Rest easy and refrain from demanding physical activity or consuming heavy meals.
  • Make note of any changes or improvements you notice over the next few days.

Our therapists are level 3 qualified and experienced over 3 to 4 years. Some of them have worked globally and have gained vast experience.

The cost of a reflexology massage depends on several factors.

Purple Mighty offers package deals or discounts for many sessions or regular clients. Our general prices are, for 60 minutes session it is £70, for 90 minutes session it is £90 and for 120 minutes it is £120.

This special offer applies only between 8 am and 11 pm

Offer Is Valid Until 20th Of May 2024 For Mobile Massages Only

Minimum of £15 Travel charge applies for all bookings